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More than half of iOS app discovery
happen through search

Become more visible in app stores! The more relevant the keywords, the better chance that your app will be found.

Take control of your mobile app marketing

  • Drive more apps downloads through search

    We check your keywords’ positions for selected countries automatically and tell you which ones are the most competitive.

    Increase your app's revenue

    We provide you with detailed insights into your revenue. See how your apps perform in different countries and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

    Take control of word-of-mouth marketing

    We monitor the web to keep you updated on any mention about your app. Find out the who, what and where refers to your app.

  • See what your users
    love and hate

    We give you insights into your apps ratings and customer reviews from all over the world. Read users feedback to learn how they find your app.

    Follow app’s events

    We provide you with historical data of app’s updates. Now it is super easy to analyze the impact that meta-data changes have on the overall app’s performance.

    Share the account
    with your mates

    Share the access to your Appcase account with other people. You can invite your business partners, friends who can manage or view your app.

Rankings, downloads and revenue in one place

Your most important data is presented in a clear and simple way. Make your day-to-day marketing tasks quick and comfortable thanks to smooth user-experience. Analyze your data, make better decisions and multiply your revenue.

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Track apps in 3 major app stores

Check app’s performance in Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone. Get the most recent data from the most popular countries.

Browse global top charts

Find out who is on the top of leaderboards. Choose between free, paid and grossing apps in any category for the leading countries.

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